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Chicken Pastilla Recipe

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Healthy Travel Tips

Our team here at Anja Lee has a passion for travel and loves to discover new places and new foods! Getting to try all those delicious new cuisines is one of the best ways of embracing a country’s culture but it’s still critical to keep your health and wellness in mind, especially when on the go!

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When Impactful Brands Align with Dedicated Practices

Sustainability & Plant-Based on the Forefront

Crafted by Kasia Grobelny with The Motherland Blog & Chef Anja Lee! 

The values of our company are reflected in the food we cook and the clients we work with. Our dedication to wholesome, high-quality ingredients and an emphasis on sustainability has been a mainstay of our business since day one. One of the best parts of our job is...

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How a childhood hobby blossomed into a passionate career

Anja Lee Wittels shares her journey

By Kasia G. (Also know for “The Motherland” blog!)

For many of us, figuring out who we want to be when we grow up is an ever-changing list. But others have a calling much earlier in life. 

Anja Lee Wittels, our head chef, founder and owner of Anja Lee Catering, didn’t need to wait to grow up to get started on her dreams. As a young girl, Anja...

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Zucchini Molasses Cacao Waffles! (With Maca Mesquite Latté)

A healthy, happy and exciting morning recipe for anyone willing to try something new! Vegan, gluten-free, and an option to make it paleo - perfect for almost anybody! The Latté adds new and exciting flavors to the dish, but is opotional. :)

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What Sets Us Apart – our commitment to healthy foods that nourish the body

As a company full of passionate cooks and health-focused people, we strive to bring people together to be nourished by high-quality, healthy, satisfying, delicious and beautiful food. We want our bodies’ energy and vitality to be top priority and therefore we cook with whole, organic foods while avoiding irritants such as...

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How We Started Catering for Professional Athletes

It’s mid-February and if you’re anything like the millions of fans out there, you’re knee-deep in pro basketball season, soaking up every game and watching your favorite athletes duke it out on the court. Here at Anja Lee Catering, we’ve been lucky enough to get to not only meet some of these stars in person, but also serve them some delicious grub! Here is Chef Anja Lee, sharing the story of how one phone call quickly changed everything: ...

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Bringing New Meaning to Woman in the Kitchen

Written by Kasia Grobelny with The Motherland Blog & More! 

Women have made great strides in the workforce across a broad spectrum of industries, however, many food industry veterans would agree that by and large, the food business is still led by men. But those numbers are changing fast and luckily we are seeing an increasing number of women enter the food space, especially in leadership roles. More and more females are opening up everything from hip bakeries to fast-casual restaurants, launching wine labels to running kitchens at world-famous restaurants and more. To quote Beyonce, “Who run the (food) world? GIRLS!” ...

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Easter Brunch Recipes!

Enjoy a few Easter Brunch Ideas from the Anja Lee Catering Menu! (Intro written by Kasia Grobelny from The Motherland Blog

It’s officially that time of year, spring is in the air, the weather is (hopefully!) finally warming up and the beginning of a crisp new season is fast upon us. Easter is also around the corner (OK so it’s this weekend!) and whether you celebrate the holiday or not, a nice springtime brunch can be the perfect way to spend time with family and friends.
We’ve got a simple yet savory spread for you to whip up that is a perfect complement to the holiday festivities...

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The NBA Diet

It’s Playoff Season, so we thought we’d share some fun insights from what we have learned catering for professional basketball players! 

(Written by Kasia Grobelny from The Motherland Blog from an interview with Chef Anja Lee)

Professional athletes take good care of their bodies. After all, these are the tools they use to do their jobs, and do them well. Just like their training, wholesome and nutritious meals are absolutely vital to the health, wellness and most importantly, the performance of the athletes. The food they consume is quite literally the fuel that then drives their performances. So what does it take to keep an NBA player satisfied and healthy?

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How passion drives both her life, business, and team

By Kasia Grobelny (Check out her awesome blog The Motherland!)

“The company began purely by passion – I have always loved bringing people together around delicious, healthy food.”

After consistently hosting friends (sometimes around 3 times per week!) in her tiny San Francisco apartment bedroom - yes, no living room - to enjoy her delicious homemade dinners, Anja was invited to cook for a 200-person company event in 2015.

Without hesitating, she agreed, wrote a menu, and...

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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

From an interview of Chef Anja Lee

Written by Kasia Grobelny with The Motherland Blog 

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your special day is what food you’ll be serving. Sure, we may be a bit biased, but while every element of a wedding should be heavily considered, food is one of those things that should definitely take center stage. After all, who wants to go hungry at a wedding right? 

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Summer Time Team Building with a Twist!

Ahh summer time. A new season always brings with it fresh possibilities, doesn’t it? For many businesses, this might also be the time to incorporate some team building into their agendas. Nothing brings colleagues together like a forced bonding experience! ;)

Well, luckily, Anja Lee Catering has the solution that is sure to please both employees and the employer: Cooking classes as a team building activity! Now, bear with us. We know that sometimes attending company-mandated events doesn’t exactly sound too appealing, but when there’s delicious food involved I think we can all agree, it’s a much more enjoyable experience. And yes you can also BYOB ;) ...

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