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Silicon Chef Cooking Competition: The Tastiest Dish Takes A Team

*Minimum of 10 attendees per group required.

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Silicon Chef is is more than just a cooking competition — it’s a fast-paced, laugh-invoking, team-building wild hurrah that leads to a relaxing meal with your friends and colleagues.


Silicon Chef is a 75-minute competition in a kitchen that features collaborative problem solving, cooking with a secret ingredient, plating a work of art in 60 minutes, and dining on delicious creations. 

Your opportunity to compete in and win a real cooking competition.


You’re guided through the process by excited professional Chefs with a mission to make you as creative as you are meant to be and as successful as possible. Dance along to a groovy playlist while you cook. We pump you up. And we unleash your team and you to find your ultimate Chef selves for 75 minutes and beyond.


Everyone works with at least one teammate, and everyone has the same secret ingredient and same goal: creating a masterpiece dish to present to our trusted judges.

Plating, Creativity, Secret Ingredient, Theme and Flavor are the core elements you must achieve. And on top of that, you have a blast with your group getting to the end goal of toasting to a tasty meal!

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