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Iron Chef Cook-Off!

*Minimum of 6 attendees per group required.

Request a class!

We can host at our location or yours. Be sure to include your preferred date, time and # of people.


Group Cooking Class for Company Team Building, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties and More.


Join for a unique, festive and fulfilling cooking class!

Groups will be split into teams and presented a cooking theme as well as a secret ingredient. Each group is in charge of creating 1-2 dishes that follow the theme and put the surprise secret ingredient at the forefront.

One more catch: Teams have exactly 60 minutes to plan, prepare and plate the dish. Chef Anja will judge and choose a winning team. Everyone then sits down to taste all of the creations and enjoy the evening together discussing the process they went through to come up with the masterpieces that they made!

Groups of 6 or more recommended.