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Our food mission at ALC is to bring smiles to people through beautiful, delicious and energizing food. We believe food can be an art form as well as be comforting. Food doesn’t have to be in small quantities or seem scarce to be beautiful. We believe in nourishing people with healthy, whole foods that are organic and sourced from top quality vendors. We believe in cooking for others the way we would cook for ourselves. We cook food full of tons of flavor, creating dishes that are exciting to see, to smell and to taste. We use ingredients that are nourishing and gratifying for the body. Our guests should leave feeling strong, fueled, happy and energized from eating our food! 

Our overall mission is to love what we do and carry a contagious positive energy to the kitchen and to every event. Our Chefs should feel creative when cooking our menu because we believe every chef has their own style and their best food will be made with their special touch. We believe our event staff should be excited for each and every event, thrilled by the idea of bringing beautiful displays and delicious, energizing food to guests. We believe beautiful food should be served with big, genuine smiles and feel that there is nothing that gives us more joy than seeing a guest excited about our food and our services. 

We want to work together, be a team, continue open and flowing communication, and all do our part to get the job and ensure each event is successful. Join us for the ALC journey!