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Photo of Afiba Johnson

Afiba Johnson

Business, Kitchen Operations and Hiring Manager

“Greetings, I am Chef Afiba and I love food! Growing up in Jamaica exposed me to all of the natural resources and cultures of my island which inspired me to become a Chef. Since I was five years old, I have been exploring the beaches and rivers while learning all that the island has to teach me. Now, as a Bay area resident, I want to share that love and experience I have for the natural environment and for food. 

One of the many treasures of cooking for me is that it brings people together. Learning about food is best hands on. When I am attuned to the meal I am preparing, and the people I am about to serve, it is a spiritual experience for me. I work with Anja Lee Catering so that I can share my knowledge to empower people and build communities. I hope to please a lot of taste buds and build strong connections with those who enjoy our food.”  - Chef Afiba 1/26/18