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Photo of Lorrie Rojas

Lorrie Rojas

Chef and Food Manager

Lorrie is a Natural Chef trained and excited to make foods that use unprocessed, unrefined and whole ingredients. She graduated from Bauman Holistic Nutrition College and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, CA after traveling to America from the Philippines. She started to become a conscious consumer when her parents had a health scare a couple of years ago. She realized that what we feed our bodies has a huge impact overtime, and food itself can infest disease in our bodies. She is a strong believer of the "eating for health" philosophy. She has been working with Anja Lee Catering since the fall of 2016. “The company's values align with mine. I'm in a fun and creative environment where I am always learning.  Anja always makes sure that we are happy and that we put a lot of love in the food.” - Lorrie 1/22/18